Our History

HERCA Jewellery & Mounting

HERCA Hand crafts and Gold Manufacturing; Istanbul, known as the capital of jewelry in 1996, stepped into the world jewelry sector in the Grand Bazaar. Our company has been serving in the field of simple montage to many jewelry wholesalers. And stores of the world, especially domestic, with its art knowledge and experience. From the family for more than 60 years HERCA Hand crafts and Gold Manufacturing lead. The Turkish montage in the world with its superior quality superior innovative design and customer satisfaction in more than 100 international exhibitions.



Pansies meet with international fair began with the Istanbul Jewelry Show 2006, and then the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Turkey was represented with success in many International fairs, especially the United States and Italy. It equipped with the latest technology in KUYUMCUKENT serving our factory for the manufacture of environmentally friendly infrastructure simply assembled in Turkey’s largest and the world’s No one factory. Our products are produced with great care by our master craftsmen without sacrificing quality. Elegance and quality are always prioritized in our designs. This meticulousness we have shown during the production of our models has made HERCA a sought-after and recognized.


Company in the field of plain montage:

Our unique designs produced with great care were put into operation in 2007 in CAGALOGLU NURU OSMANIYE and were exhibited in our central store in 2012. Our products are now offered to our customers in our 3-storey central building, which was put into service in 2020.

1996 - Start Up
At the Akdağ brothers inn, Tümer brothers opened HERCA.
1998 - Larger Workshop
Moved to a larger workshop with a width of 59 m2 in the Turkmen inn.
2004 - Pier Loti Workshop
We went to the workshop in the 140 M2 hall flats at Pier Loti.
2007 - Ağaoğlu Inn
We opened the first showroom in Nuruosmaniye Ağaoğlu Inn.
2007 - Kuyumcukent
Our workshop in Pier Loti moved to Kuyumcukent.
2012 - Nuruosmaniye
We left Ağaoğlu inn in Nuruosmaniye and moved to the shop on the street.
2014 - Factory
We moved the Kuyumcukent workshop to the factories block.
2020 - Today
We moved to our 3 floors 150 m2 showroom and main headquarters in Nuruosmaniye.